2007-11-18 10:44:42 ET

still not val. thought i'd add a timer thing. she is hoping/planning to move back to anchorage in january. i suppose you could say things are going well for now.

2008-03-19 17:15:45 ET

Valerie should be ready to pop now.....I wonder if she'll ever see these posts.......???

2008-03-22 09:07:13 ET

Well, Congrats on the baby!

2008-03-22 09:49:23 ET

she still isn't actually talking to anyone of us yet. that timer was my best guess on when she got knocked up, it may or may not be accurate.

2008-03-22 10:19:57 ET

Well, I hope the situation gets better and you hear the announcement of your healthy niece or nefew soon. *hugs*

2008-04-02 13:44:13 ET

8lbs 8oz, girl

that is 3rd hand knowledge. she (val) called the house told jake very few details, said she was calling me, and didn't.

2008-04-03 12:41:01 ET

Hopefully you will hear from her soon. I how it is, dealing with family drama and it really sucks.
Congrats to her new baby girl and your new niece.

2008-06-19 08:18:12 ET

well she had the baby girl and i think it's all going ok.

2008-06-19 09:50:01 ET

Well, That's good news.

2008-07-31 16:39:23 ET

that timer is teh bomb

2008-07-31 17:10:58 ET

Why is that?

2008-07-31 21:35:58 ET

read it

2008-08-02 16:05:21 ET

Are you preggo?
Or am I missing something???

2008-08-04 05:57:39 ET

the words reset. the counter did not.
at least i think it didn't...... i'm imagining the 6mth old spec..

2008-08-04 06:06:07 ET


2010-03-16 14:58:27 ET

its been a while. i'm back. i didn't even go to facebook first-GRYF!!!!!!

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