2010-03-17 12:40:54 ET

so, chat at the hospital in the computer system for subkultures and labelled "". funny.

2010-03-20 16:42:39 ET

I'm going to have to check this out at Lisa's. I'm banned from fun sites, using the native council's wireless connection.

2010-03-22 14:34:06 ET

Hey! It's been a while!

2010-03-29 21:13:38 ET

Sis, would you like a very, very, very late x-mas present now that you're back online again?

2010-03-29 21:13:40 ET

i keep forgetting to call you half the time and the other half of the time your mailbox is full.

2010-04-28 16:05:44 ET

lol it only holds 10 msgs. fills up fast.

2010-05-04 11:06:43 ET

I am officially old now, lol...

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