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2007-04-19 18:09:17 ET

One wonders if anyone will ever find this one.
Maybe no one will come on here and criticize every entry I make.
Maybe I'll actually be defended in my own place.

It is possible that someone will find this and actually make mention of me in his own entries...I currently do not exist on here, with the exception of my own words.

Is it that much of an issue that I do not exist? I'm not sure. I know I am flesh and blood, and that is all that matters.


Of course.

One of my loves is statistics, and I have about 40 pages of reading to do for that before I retire.

Till next time, lonely reader.

2007-04-19 18:22:00 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2007-04-19 18:22:22 ET


Gage touches everyone.

2007-04-19 18:24:00 ET

Welcome to SK. Watch that first step - it's a doozy.

Also it probably matters if you exist, because I think I might be a figment of your imagination.

2007-04-19 18:55:51 ET

Welcome! :)

And I have evidence that Josh is a figment of everyone's imagination.

2007-04-19 19:05:30 ET

Welcome Sweetie!
And, yes...Gage does like to touch people!
Right, Gage! :)

2007-04-19 19:54:46 ET

*touches everyone*

2007-04-20 03:46:33 ET

Thanks for the welcomes!

Thanks for the warning about that first step Josh. I usually don't look first.

*touches Gage back*

2007-04-20 05:09:16 ET

Welcome! I'm the pro natural birth person of the group.

2007-04-20 07:27:54 ET

Welcome to SK!

2007-04-22 14:52:46 ET

welcome to the sk.net

2007-04-22 18:42:25 ET

86% of sk doesn't believe in this 'josh'
92% like to be touched by gage.
56.91% of sk statistics are made up.
welcome to sk.

2007-04-26 07:11:00 ET

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

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