A reason for why I am the way I am
2007-04-20 03:59:05 ET

To those who are new to me (and those who I know but can't comprehend me):

I don't know how many people actually play Warhammer anymore, but this kinda alludes to why I am the person I am today.

Sean was my brother, a really awesome role model (better than my parents, in some ways) and we were really close.

Losing him changed me. I'm not depressed, I'm still just grieving a bit.

It's not every day, but certain things can trigger it.

Gamesday this year is going to be rough, but I should be there (Baltimore, anyway).

It's amazing how one person can make such a difference...I hope one day I can make that kind of a difference.

2007-04-20 08:26:54 ET

I completely understand where you are coming from sweetie!
(my om passed back in '94, so I can relate)
We all have our place in this world and a difference to make, some don't seem to think that what they do will ever make a difference...But...It doesn't matter if you only make a difference in one persons life (in your eyes) because in reality your actually making a difference in many lives, just by helping one!
So, I have no doubts that you will make a difference!
In fact, may have already done so!
(I like to believe that we make a difference, big or small, in a persons life every time we meet them, so imagine that)

2007-04-22 18:38:36 ET

to be remembered with fondness is something not everyone gets. i'm sure you will make a difference.

2007-04-26 07:09:55 ET

Thanks for the words guys. They really mean a lot. I appreciate the thoughts. It gets better every day, but some days aren't as good as others. It's so nice to get an outside perspective!

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