Tickets! Yay!
2007-04-28 05:15:01 ET

I have ordered the tickets for TOOL. Jon, Robin and my lil bro Mike are going...I don't need a ticket because I'll be working it!

The tickets aren't the best, but the 1st Mariner pricing system is strange. Eh, whatever.

Time to go work another steeplechase. Hopefully an uneventful day...except today they'll be jumping fences up to 4'9".

2007-04-28 07:35:01 ET

*sigh* I was so excited when I heard Tool was coming back here (st. louis), but I am completely broke and all that's left are really shitty seats for $55 *sniffles*

2007-04-28 13:27:56 ET

Awww....yeah plus ticketmaster will tack on an additional $15 at least for "handling" and such.

3 tickets for $37.50 each cost me over $ just doesn't add up.

Oh well. I'm just glad I'll get to see them in my lifetime. I'll see if I can get pics and post them!

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