2008-03-14 16:45:36 ET

So much has happened in the last several months...where to start?

Well, this week has been busy.

Iíve worked 77 hours in 5 days.

I feel like my feet are about to fall off.

I feel like Iím about to pass out.

I think Iíve had about 25 hours of sleep max in the last 5 days.

Thank God this work crap is almost over.

I'll explain more later.

2008-03-14 21:00:51 ET

jeez, what do you do for a living?

2008-03-28 03:43:43 ET

I work in two hospitals (in Baltimore City) as a tech (one ER and one Recovery room). I'm also a teaching assistant for a science lab at a university in Baltimore. I work too much, and I really look forward to the day when I can work ~40 hours a week and take a vacation every once in a while.

2008-03-28 04:22:19 ET

gosh PACU is rather calm most of the time but, ER can be pretty hectic leat alone anything else on top of that.

2008-03-28 12:00:53 ET

I work PACU in a trauma center, so it's not really as calm this time of year. The ER is always hectic. At least I get some time to sit in the PACU. I'm working less hours this week, and my work schedule will be calming down soon. Hopefully I'll soon be working less than 50 hours a week.

2008-03-28 12:25:41 ET

harsh, i'm actually applying for some part time work myself.
quit scaring me

2008-04-20 15:33:21 ET

I don't mean to scare. Someone asked me today how I keep it all straight. I told them to check out my planner and see how it's done. :)

2008-04-20 18:32:50 ET

i should get a planner

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