2003-07-18 07:59:08 ET

2003-07-18 08:18:40 ET

2003-07-18 08:53:30 ET


2003-07-18 10:09:39 ET

I hope you fucking die.

2003-07-18 10:14:51 ET

all i want to do right now is hit you in the face.

2003-07-18 10:18:39 ET

You should be so lucky.

2003-07-18 10:22:20 ET

luck Charm.

2003-07-18 10:33:19 ET

7. A quantum property of the charm quark whose conservation explains the absence of certain strange-particle decay modes and that accounts for the longevity of the J particle.

2003-07-18 10:33:57 ET

Translation: Up yours, buddy.

2003-07-18 12:56:33 ET

you should be so lucky.

2003-07-18 13:03:37 ET

i don't wanna talk to you know you empty headed animal food-trough wiper! i fart in your general direction. your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.
p.s. the original thread now emanates a golden shower aura upon the likes of you.

2003-07-18 13:16:01 ET

People who quote Monty Python in flimsy retaliation drink their own pee.

2003-07-18 13:20:22 ET

not flimsy, light hearted.
i'm totally pissing on you next time i see you.
after hitting you in the face.

2003-07-19 22:14:33 ET

That's ALMOST hot...

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