2003-07-18 13:37:35 ET

July 18th, 2003

Throbbing Gristle will be reuniting for a one-off performance at RE-TG, a three day "Celebration of Industrial Musics in the 21st Century" taking place at Camber Sands Holiday Resort near Rye, England on 14th -16th May 2004.

In addition to appearing together on the closing night of the festival, all four members of TG are scheduled to perform sets by their current projects (Coil, Thee Majesty, Carter Tutti), and many guests will also be on the bill including Matmos, Black Dice, Scanner, Richard H. Kirk, Pan sonic, Merzbow, People Like Us, Thighpaulsandra and more.

In a couple of recent posts to the Coil mailing list, Sleazy had the following to say about RE-TG:

"Jhon tells me he is commited and looking forward to appearing as/with COIL at the TG weekend next May. Of course it is so far ahead (at the moment) that anything could happen to his health, aspirations, voice, and of course, mind in the mean time, but as of now he IS scheduled to appear.

"In the unlikely event of Jhon and/or Coil mutating beyond recognition, the show will feature the first appearance of a entirely new entity Left Hand Path (me with a new band I am working on).

"Please note TG is NOT REFORMING. If there is sufficient interest we may play the following weekend as well in the same setting rather than turn people away, but I can put my hand on my heart and promise this is a one-off deal - TG will NOT be coming to a stadium/theatre/factory near you EVER!

"I only agreed to appear live on stage in TG on the understanding that we would NOT do one of those crap 'come-back' type events, where a bunch of old people (us) just play old songs and try to make it like it was then - The TG show will be a function of where the four of us are NOW, working together with the benefit of hindsight, experience, highs and lows etc. There may be some old material but it will NOT be some kind of nostalgia trip. The event is a celebration of the Industrial genre - which I guess we did arguably kick off - FOR THE 21ST CENTURY.

"NOTE: I would suggest you do not panic prematurely, max out your credit cards, hock the TV or your ass to someone you dont fancy - There's plenty of time to plan carefully - choose your friends - save up or whatever. If the tickets should sell quickly we still have the following weekend at the site in reserve... so even if you dont book this very week you are not likely to miss out."

More information about RE-TG can be found at http://www.throbbing-gristle.com and http://www.mute.com/tg.
how 133t am i? i new about this 4 months ago.

right then, anyhow, i pose the question: who is interested in going? you have time to plan and save.

2003-07-18 14:11:10 ET

well, where ever you go, i suppose i could hang out with you, if you really need me to. :)

2003-07-18 14:30:40 ET

I think we're all interested in going.
But feasibility lacks..

In five months there's going to be news of an event you will DIE for and I already know about it.

2003-07-18 17:32:45 ET

is it a secret?
how do you know I would die for it?

2003-07-18 18:53:00 ET

I asked.
Someone who knows.
.A lot.
About your death.

2003-07-19 04:46:08 ET

you should really tell me.

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