2003-07-24 09:49:47 ET

i am thankful to who or whatever is watching over me.
some of you know about my orange boxcutter. i almost always have it on me.
last night i was scoring hardboard in my basement with it. i lost control and accidentally pushed the entire length of blade out, which snapped under the pressure i was putting on it. two razor sharp pieces of blade just barely missed both eyes as they flew past both sides of my face. after about twenty seconds of contemplation i put down the knife and said "thank you".
it may be a stupid story but i'm quite fond of my eyes and grateful that nothing happened to them.

2003-07-28 10:14:36 ET

I am too, for what it's worth.

2003-07-30 17:25:48 ET

Your eyes are stupid. Hand them over and I'll smash em.
With a staple hammer.

2003-08-01 10:22:12 ET

i don't care.

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