if the walls still talked on the other side of emptiness
2006-09-21 19:03:23 ET

in the coming days weeks months i will begin writing in my journal again- i find the layout and format for the composition of journal entries to be more fluid and natural here. more so than myspace or livejournal. some of the best stuff i've ever written was done in this journal.
i've returned to this place that was once humming with love and warmth and wit, to find it in a state of absolute stillness. this is one of the few places on the internet that was once so concrete in its interaction with reality that i can still visualize it as an actual place, an entity, an architectural structure. a school/ dance hall turned monastery/ private study. comfortable for contemplating past present future. i can easily say that the best moments of my life to date were in concurrence with the obsessive abuse of this website. i am not alone when i say that my life would not be anything (if at all) like what it is today if i hadn't been here.

i also desire a bit of privacy, or at least less eyes upon me, and i don't feel i should have to jump through hoops to get it. this is one of the last places anyone is going to look. if you found me, you win a cookie.

love to all my friends electrick

2006-09-26 05:58:30 ET

you are still on my buddy list after All These Years,
and i am glad to see you mounting to the top of it

2006-09-26 17:00:29 ET

<3 nicole

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