2006-10-14 18:32:09 ET

deciding on a color to paint my room is going to be next to impossible. i went to home depot and brought home a four inch stack of color samples. i went through them one by one and just stared forever and ever. color for color's sake is so maniacal. i want a color that is disarming, yet inciteful- comforting and enraging. HAH!
then i thought of painting each wall a different color to divide up what i need into neat deliverable sections. realizing the headache that would ensue brought me to think i should just bomb the whole room safety orange, a color which has been a dirty pleasure of mine as of late. even better is if it should get soiled and scuffed, or worn down- "wilted"... placed against that 3m reflective silver material... holy visible decay. why the industrial music community never picked up on the potential (i've seen some dabblings, but i'm talking about on an anthemic scale), i don't know. they should. and credit me for it. "The godfather of safety orange musick"
take that gpo.
speaking of, i'm about to buy an MC-909. once again, I challenge you now:

2006-11-02 19:59:52 ET

so did you go with the safety orange? speaking of decay, what about rust orange.... ;)

once i painted my room yellow, canary yellow (i was a kid, dont ask me what i was thinking) and for the ensuing teenage years i suffered a terrible insomnia which i attribute directly to the particular hue of yellow i chose. when i left home i painted the walls a dusky subtle purple and my insomnia disappeared.

2006-11-06 14:20:55 ET

i left them the way they are, which is white. i decided that i want to leave ASAP, so there would be little incentive to do it and then have to paint them back to white in a couple months.
purple is a good color. one of the most logical choices in this instance.
nobody understands just how important color is in their environment.

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