2002-10-13 09:15:00 ET

color test
pantone provolone
this color is all wrong on you deary.

2002-10-13 19:19:01 ET

your wheel has got a flat har har/

2002-10-14 05:37:55 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2002-10-14 18:57:37 ET

mmmmmm cheeeeeese

2002-10-14 19:38:17 ET

polychromatic at that
"be we in paris or in lansing, nothing matters when we're dancing"

2002-10-14 19:43:18 ET

funny you should say that

2002-10-14 19:50:12 ET


2002-10-14 19:50:44 ET

you summed it up beautifully.

2002-10-16 08:06:54 ET


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