2002-10-15 20:46:41 ET

when making anything, ask yourself
does your vision see far enough?

2002-10-15 22:30:59 ET

yes, i always over dream!

2002-10-16 04:45:21 ET

::you dont need eyes to see - you need vision::

btw nice avatar, thats where i went for mine before i became a narcissist.. ~space is cool...

2002-10-16 07:43:35 ET

thanks. i heart hubble.

2002-10-16 07:56:28 ET

im such a dork i went to a huge IMAX 3d movie about the space station in Nyack, NY. you put on this huge 3d helmet thing and when the skittles bag busted in the shuttle, i tried to reach out and catch the skittles... it was soooo real *hangs head in geekiness*

2002-10-16 08:07:46 ET

i want one!

2002-10-16 08:42:19 ET

skittles and space...sounds like what heaven would be like.

2002-10-16 10:47:06 ET

lol i know.. the purple bag r0x0rs

2002-10-16 10:48:41 ET

the wild berry ones are edible heaven.

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