2002-10-16 08:05:15 ET

lately i've been consumed with the urge to surround myself in artifacts reminding me of when i was 16.
because i've blocked it out for years.
people younger than i: please, REMEMBER EVERYTHING. you won't be so screwed up a little later in life when you're trying to work out repressed teen angst that you thought you had erased.

2002-10-16 08:46:43 ET

aerg. im still 16 and have been forgetting almost everythign that has happened to me during middleschool/elementary and parts of highschool and it seems to me like most of my continueing memories are just stories that are told to me. They dont seem to be my own memories or something along those lines. Definately feels like i read about my life in a book or something.

2002-10-16 10:19:32 ET

its good that you're journal-keeping.

2002-10-16 20:21:37 ET

is it? it will probably mot be here though in a few years. anyways ive tried with paper journals in the form of one person writing a page int he book and them me writing one but it never really works out. heh.

2002-10-17 05:38:14 ET

make a hard copy to find later, and another hard copy hidden somewhere else. cuz you know you're just going to tear up the first one.

2002-10-17 08:36:32 ET

lol yeah

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