2002-10-16 16:42:09 ET

yesterday night izzy and i used water to play the glass head seen in his avatar. when slowed down, it is the voice of heaven.

i've purposely boarded myself up in my home. going out is, too often, unproductive. i'm out of ideas on how to use this time that i've dedicated to art. i've just been keeping myself busy stitching together scrap suede into usable pieces. and binding books. but these have nothing to do with my goals. i feel like they're just busy-work until i'm struck with a good idea.
im still unsure if i'm going to new york tomorrow. it requires money that is needed for other things. going would only make aquiring other things more difficult.
and time taken away from art that needs to get done.
but i want to go.
back to making more shit.

2002-10-16 20:44:19 ET

going out is unproductive, i hate leaving and i always end up spending money where if i had stayed ay home i could have saved money. i like being a hermit.

2002-10-16 21:40:05 ET

hello... and welcome. xoxo

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