2002-10-17 16:56:32 ET

i feel really stupid exchanging messages with the kids i'm sitting next to.

2002-10-17 16:56:52 ET

oh comeon is there anything else thawtyou'drather be doing rightnow?

2002-10-17 16:57:33 ET

It's better than talking.

Shouldn't we be playing games?

2002-10-17 16:59:08 ET

yeah except these fucking keyboars SUCK:

2002-10-17 17:01:16 ET

Let's steal them.

2002-10-17 17:03:09 ET

okay yeah lets stealthem:

2002-10-17 17:03:28 ET

Then destroy them.

Just to be funny.

2002-10-17 17:04:00 ET

oh ok you talked meinto it:

2002-10-17 17:04:31 ET

this is better than actually TALKING ... you know

2002-10-17 17:04:56 ET

no no we'll play games very soon as soon as our subkulture needs are satiated

2002-10-17 17:05:04 ET

I just stole the mouse on this computer machine.

2002-10-17 17:06:37 ET

i don't even know what to talkaboutasidefromhow this keyboard is making want to smash it with something big and heavy:

2002-10-17 17:07:45 ET

I think we should smash something big and heavy.

Right now.

2002-10-17 17:09:24 ET

yeah like that cube inthe middle of the street:

2002-10-17 17:09:36 ET

why do you have one of those weird ergo-nomick keyboards? those things drive me nuts

2002-10-17 17:10:01 ET

I don't think you have any respect for the mystical powers of the cube.

It has a magnetic pull that draws young lame kids to it.

We should harvest them.

2002-10-17 17:11:16 ET

kill them all. i will take pictures of all of you geeks typing to each other for blackmail.

2002-10-17 17:11:17 ET

i think someonbe jammed gumin my keyboard: i'mtyping slow enough to be in special ed:

2002-10-17 17:12:22 ET


2002-10-17 17:13:33 ET

so why dont you tell TECH SUPPORT *aka justine aka my links NEVER FUCKIN WORK* the keyboard sux..shes right there you know

2002-10-17 17:14:20 ET

You're going to have to learn to link better.

But, I will harass tech support.

2002-10-17 17:18:18 ET

i didn't think that there was anything she could really do abnout it: i'm prolly just retarded andcan't trype right anyway:

2002-10-17 17:23:23 ET

I like that answer.

2002-10-17 17:24:28 ET

which part?

2002-10-17 18:04:04 ET

That I can't do anything about it... so I don't have to

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