2002-10-18 15:07:45 ET

they just found a dinosaur mummy in montana. the skin is perfectly intact. it's last meal is still visible in it's stomach. pics here: http://www.msnbc.com/news/819818.asp?0cl=cR

i heard that newish nirvana song seven years ago.
a different version though, perhaps the demo. i can hear them just starting to experiment in this song. i wonder what the music world would be like today if they were still around.

i'm going to watch Institute Benjamenta and hopefully it will distort my reality enough for me to be able to start producing actual works again.

2002-10-18 15:08:45 ET

The dinosaur news has made my day. :) That is the most beautiful fossil I've ever seen. :)

2002-10-18 15:32:26 ET

Whoa.. that's awsome.

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