2002-10-21 14:14:22 ET

i love my sk friends (all 3 of you!)/
you guys are great.

2002-10-21 14:18:22 ET

Am I one of them?!

If yes then, Awwww.... we love you, too!

If no then, cry.

2002-10-21 14:18:40 ET

yeah. Sk friends are great.

2002-10-21 14:22:30 ET

of course bio is one of them!

2002-10-21 14:25:48 ET


1 of 3!
::hands out cookies::

2002-10-21 14:30:54 ET

everyone proclaim their love for everyone else, and let the cookies pile high.
cookie party in honor of new friends.

2002-10-21 14:36:18 ET

One big lovefest.
But not the good kind of love.
The kind of love Jesus gives away for free.

2002-10-21 14:40:10 ET

no kidtouching? i don't think you can enforce that.
and you can't prove that jesus didn't touch kids.
i think i've found all the cool people on sk (3).

2002-10-21 14:41:51 ET

Yeah, the rest of 'em are knobs.
Hmm, you're right.. the New Testament is filled with refrences that allude to kid touching.

2002-10-21 14:53:52 ET

something tells me i'm not included in one of those 3:

2002-10-21 14:54:26 ET

though i do know you from outside sk:

2002-10-21 14:54:31 ET

though i do know you from outside sk:

2002-10-21 14:55:08 ET

crap idunno why that happened:

2002-10-21 15:06:11 ET

ha. three is a guesstimate. you can be 4.

2002-10-21 16:56:08 ET

Can I be #5?

2002-10-22 12:03:19 ET

::gets cocky:: ::assumes she is one of those three/four/whatever::

we <3 amina!!! erm i mean anima.. yeah

in fact we <3 anima so much that he is going to COME WITH US TO KLUB ON SATURDAY and KRUSH ALL HUMAN.

2002-10-22 12:15:49 ET

I love enemas.

Enema infirmaryaryrarya.

2002-10-22 14:11:07 ET

KOMRPESSOR Krushing Power!!!

2002-10-24 18:52:56 ET

enema .. he said... hehehe...

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