this one goes out to all my dead negroes in the neighborhood:
2002-10-22 06:21:51 ET


11:58:23 insomnia> what the fuck he makes cool sounds


2002-10-22 06:25:07 ET

I like your user pic alot!

2002-10-22 07:12:41 ET

there goes the neighborhood.

2002-10-22 07:42:00 ET

I feel loved.

2002-10-22 12:25:30 ET

I miss the dead negroes in your neighborhood. :[

2002-10-22 18:50:37 ET

andy i love you:

2002-10-22 20:48:37 ET

I like your 'interest' section...quite extensive. Quite expensive as well (I'm sure) in terms of time expenditure.
You make music? If so, what "kind" of sounds do you like to fuck with?

90% of subkultures makes me wanna get high on.......uh...cough medicine.

By the way, if you like to abuse substances, I recommend cough medicine as a means of getting high. Yes, you may say "but that's so fucking live in a home right?" but I must enforce my statement: cough medicine is a great way to lucid dream. If you drink enough, you will grow tired, and you will lay down to dream, but you will not fall asleep. Instead, you will stay in the middle of dream and waking life, and you will analyze your imaginary comprehension real-time, as it is happening. I sound like I'm all fucked up, and I personally understand how ghetto and disgusting this whole thing sounds (I am a recent cough medicine user), but I urge you...please, go now, into your medicine cabnet, and drink 3 shots. You will experience what I am saying, and you will both like it and kinda not like it simultaneously.


2002-10-22 21:35:48 ET

De Funkt, I can't go wrong with the tussin.

2002-10-23 07:47:06 ET

i have a chemist friend that knows how to extract the dxm out of cough syrup using household chemicals.

2002-10-23 09:19:37 ET

I did the extraction too...but i couldn't stomach the dxm lemonjuice elixor. I threw it up before it got to the stomach.

2002-10-23 17:17:18 ET

mmmm sleeeep...

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