2002-10-24 16:52:26 ET

mostly finished with the art for the new scission album, at least enough to show to the other kids for approval/ disapproval. still need a name for the album. and track titles for two of the songs. i need to use izzy's typewriter to write out the liner notes, mine is part of the front cover :D
the new unreleased track is up at www.mp3.com/scission , which i'm too lazy to link you to directly, and it's called trethevy quoit. this is trethevy quoit. my apologies to anyone fed up with my obsession with ancient britannia.
yes! i am going to new york with that other kid tomorrow. so hopefully i'll see some of you kids. weeee.

2002-10-24 16:54:41 ET

yay you're going!!!!!!!!

2002-10-24 16:56:30 ET

it took SOO much convincing from izzy.
i am also avoiding someone else by leaving the state for the weekend.

2002-10-24 17:05:20 ET


bring down scission & cy:rx CDs for leechbio.

leechbio not associated with ntt.

2002-10-24 17:10:35 ET

yeah and insomnia

2002-10-24 18:31:20 ET

i'll get izzy to make them because he has a 4000x burner. mine's 8x and epileptic.

2002-10-24 19:17:29 ET

I love epilepsy.

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