deaf, buzzed & minty fresh @ w2z
2002-10-25 18:43:18 ET

my fingers are tainted with NYC concentrate. eau de feces.
complimentary mints in tins. and complimentary energy drinks. thanks bawls. i'm still not going to buy your product, it is expensive when it is not free.

i have a powerful lust for tom waits! and silence.

2002-10-25 18:44:41 ET

shutup honkey! you know you havin fun: >=P

2002-10-25 18:48:50 ET

i got my suga daddy takin care of me

2002-10-25 18:49:28 ET

yeah i noticed: *wink wink, nudge nudge*

2002-10-25 18:51:29 ET

aaaaaawwwww ssssshiiiiiiit.. big pimpin in da nyc

2002-10-25 18:51:50 ET

<-- ho

2002-10-25 18:52:09 ET

ho ho ho: and a very merrychristmas:

2002-10-25 19:54:58 ET

shut it, I don't wanna have to smack my bitch up. I am not into that.

2002-10-25 20:45:24 ET

you don't own me! i am mah own person! *snap snap snap* i don't see no ring on dis finger, shit.

2002-10-25 20:47:47 ET

speaking of bitches. . .

2002-10-25 20:49:38 ET

what of them? HUH?

2002-10-25 20:50:56 ET

I think I know where one is, hiding in the back, buzzed on Bawls...

2002-10-25 20:52:17 ET

i hope you mean bio. i'm sleepy.

2002-10-25 20:53:09 ET

aww... wait till the stackers get here.

2002-10-25 21:45:18 ET

weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!11111111 stackers!!!!!!!!

2002-10-25 21:52:57 ET

none for you sir, your heart will explode.

2002-10-25 22:11:18 ET

hahaha we will be those gamer/keyboard kids always on speed

itll be awesome

2002-10-25 22:14:19 ET

when izzy dies of heart failure he will be taxidermed and placed on my mantle. i've already cleared a spot.

2002-10-25 22:19:48 ET

haha i get his gear (if he has any)

2002-10-25 22:19:57 ET

i dont know who the goth beater belongs to

2002-10-25 22:41:39 ET

plexus bent it: but then he gave it to me: so i guess it's mine: weee!

2002-10-25 23:08:09 ET

you have to show me how it works

i wanna learn

2002-10-25 23:10:38 ET

certainly! as soon as you come to ct: =)

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