CowCud Is A Twin
2002-10-30 09:17:05 ET

quick things to note:
1. jackass is a good movie.
2. once again i smell like thinner.
3. i need to exercise my back. its not often that you get to see your own back, but i did last night. and i am unimpressed. how the hell do you work your lower back and sides?
4. dreading halloween.
5. shinjuku thief <3
6. there's a party in my pants and you're not invited.
7. trust no one:

2002-10-30 09:18:38 ET

i sure do agree with 7, but 1?! dude, saying that jackass is good is like discussing the hidden depth of american pie 1+2.

2002-10-30 09:50:52 ET

your argument is moot.
i never saw them.

2002-10-30 09:54:16 ET

i wanna see jackass!!!!

why are you dreading halloween? you can scare the kids away smelling like paint thinner... and how did you get paint thinner on you while hiking??

2002-10-30 09:57:59 ET

evil aboreal prankster animals.
no kids live around here :{
i ditched hiking for painting. i'm beginning to feel pressure to meet my deadline.

2002-10-30 10:09:34 ET

i never saw them too. but do you understand my point :(?

2002-10-30 11:27:40 ET

not really

2002-10-30 18:23:01 ET

a movie which is all about stupid people doing stupid things cant be related to as "good"

2002-10-30 18:28:26 ET

it was good. it was not intelligent by any stretch. but good.

2002-10-30 18:28:37 ET

ok :)

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