i am such a nerd
2002-11-03 03:26:51 ET

i'm about to go to a reptile show in white plains.
i'm going to come home with MORE creepy crawlies! things i will be looking for:
more madagascar hissing cockroaches
male giant african millipede (i have 2 females already)
the roachman (he sold me a bum lot of giant cave roaches last time, he's gonna get a stern talking to)

a boy named danny sold me an emperor scorpion, i have to find him there to collect it. some folks will be pleased to also know that i will not be purchasing any more tarantulas today.


2002-11-03 06:14:35 ET

No they are not!

2002-11-03 07:25:56 ET

*shudders* madagascar hissing cockroaches.. i can only assume that your room looks like the closer video

2002-11-03 12:32:26 ET

yes, bugs are cool. I went out catching cicadae late this summer. :D

2002-11-03 12:49:28 ET

bugs are only cool if they are fireflies you put in a bottle and bring to a KMFDM concert...

2002-11-03 13:04:42 ET

yeah, my room has all the items from the closer video, though it is lacking that pretty amber-sepia tone. it's not as dusty either.

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