2002-11-03 13:20:48 ET

HEY GUYS i got an emperor scorpion! she is soo pretty and she gives off this green luminescence. i've been fighting the urge all day to put her in my mouth. some time i will post pictures of the "Boo Box" and other evil corners of my room. for now, here's a list of residents of the invertebrate zoo:

1 usumbara baboon tarantula
1 chilean rose tarantula
1 metric fuckload of surinam roaches
7(?) madagascar hissing roaches
4 giant cave roaches (they get 6 inches!)
2 giant african millipedes
1 emperor scorpion
and assorted soft coral in my saltwater aquarium.
i had thought i figured it out over the summer: these are my replacement for a "girlfriend" figure in my life. them and my plants. i'm not sure if i still think this. i'm not sure if i think anymore.

2002-11-03 13:23:18 ET


Do you make love to your insects?

2002-11-03 13:32:17 ET


2002-11-03 13:36:50 ET


2002-11-03 13:38:16 ET


2002-11-03 13:39:25 ET

2002-11-03 13:40:12 ET

with wound

2002-11-03 13:42:41 ET

You mean
Genital Terrorfarce Organ With Wound 93 In June Death Now?

2002-11-03 14:11:48 ET


2002-11-03 14:17:16 ET

Centipede filled vagina?

2002-11-03 14:18:07 ET

shiit. i wish.


2002-11-03 15:00:08 ET

feed it a hissing roach!!!! i'd like to see that.

2002-11-03 17:58:44 ET

this time, I get to scratch rustload's womb. bio's been hogging it all day.
i had a vietnamese centipede. i used to feed it anoles and baby mice.
one day i'll hold an insect thunderdome match.

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