2002-11-03 18:45:40 ET

i saw m. gira friday. devendra barhart, young god's newest recruit, opened. i instantly fell in love with him. while i don't have his album (i couldn't afford it after train fare and cover charge), it's going to be the next one i get, and i urge people to look into him.
gira's set was cold and tired. i didn't feel like he was into it, no matter how loud he yelled. i still love him. he said he was just getting over bronchitis, so he's forgiven. i suppose i had plenty of opportunities to talk to him that evening, but i didn't want to. i left immediately after. i don't know what i would say to him. i hate the you're-so-great/autograph/photo op thing, it's degrading to me as a person. i'm sure michael revels in it though.
ANGELS OF LIGHT NEWS: "i FINALLY finished the album, three fucking days ago".
something to look forward to.

2002-11-04 02:35:11 ET


I was going to go to that.
at CBGB's, right?

2002-11-04 04:05:54 ET

you didn't.

2002-11-04 04:48:11 ET

i wish i was there! :( phuque, I need to move out east!!!
Happy Birthday!

2002-11-04 04:50:23 ET

Generic: Happy Birthday!
But with GYROS.

2002-11-04 04:58:12 ET

Happy Birthday

2002-11-04 05:45:31 ET

thank you everyone- who told you dylan?

2002-11-04 06:32:08 ET

oh. nevermind.

2002-11-05 04:35:31 ET

i knew your birthday was sometime this week. i remember you posting on tumorart...then i saw insomnia's post.

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