2002-11-04 12:51:15 ET

there was an ugly yellow and pink background to this. i spent the better half of the afternoon whiting it out by hand.
i'm pleased with the results. ideas for using this are brewing in my head.

2002-11-04 12:55:57 ET


spamspamspam ;-)

2002-11-04 12:57:31 ET

Fnord! Snarf! Unf!

2002-11-04 18:38:21 ET

*pokes anima

yes happy anima birthday, its 1145 i made it in time =)

2002-11-04 19:35:52 ET

you're excused. i was born at 4:07 p.m. so i'm also counting tomorrow. and this weekend. etc. i got a handle of absolut as a present. my friends know me too well :x
i don't know how they expect me to drink it all tonight.

2002-11-04 19:39:29 ET

no handguns though. i guess i have to get those myself.

2002-11-04 20:07:42 ET

i have to see you trashed one day

im sure its amusing

2002-11-05 04:27:52 ET

REALLY amusing.
i like to show people my ass.

2002-11-05 05:21:02 ET

you do?

::patiently waiting::

i don't even like asses but it'd be worth it. ..

2002-11-05 07:11:47 ET

you can see my ass anytime.

2002-11-05 07:27:55 ET


2002-11-05 10:07:53 ET


okay, izzy

2002-11-05 10:12:57 ET

wha? i say that too:

2002-11-05 12:03:14 ET

i started it

2002-11-05 19:13:39 ET

did you know that transparencies for inkjet printers are $22 for 20 pages? this near ruined my day.

trust no one:

2002-11-05 20:19:19 ET

andy drunk is definately fun: and funny: i'll have to bring you kids some pictures of what happened at plexus' birthday party: heheh: [andy drunkenness]

2002-11-05 20:21:03 ET

i want some! are they digital? am i on the floor giggling with cake smashed in my face? i'm looking for those pics.

2002-11-05 20:23:18 ET

yes...yes you are: and they are quite digital: so digital in fact that they don't even exist in real life: only in computer hyper space: i've eaten so many blow pops today:

2002-11-06 06:20:21 ET

it shows

2002-11-06 10:23:02 ET

we can just get him drunk again and take more pics ;-)

2002-11-06 12:06:07 ET

i'm soo down!

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