2002-11-10 13:16:03 ET

nausea, misanthropy ensues
how many kicks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of your stupid head.

2002-11-10 14:11:13 ET

the world may never find out...

2002-11-10 16:45:36 ET


2002-11-10 17:14:41 ET

sigh. that was good.

2002-11-10 17:35:37 ET

sometimes i forget to breathe.
i have india ink, watercolor, acrylic, bleach, magic marker, and germs on my hands. lately i have had many good conversations with germs.
this is me under pressure.

2002-11-11 04:47:58 ET

you should go rub it off on random people on the street.

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