i really should be working
2002-11-15 11:33:31 ET

i can spend all day using the Babelfish ( http://babelfish.altavista.com/ ) , writing something in english, translating it to another language, and translating it back to see what i get.

I'll Meet You In Poland, Baby

2002-11-15 11:45:22 ET

well? show us what you got!

2002-11-15 11:50:20 ET

give me a sentence or two

2002-11-15 21:09:53 ET

Foetus all nude review.

2002-11-15 22:44:02 ET

today is the first of septembah...

2002-11-16 05:00:17 ET

tembah tembah tembah tembah

2002-11-16 05:06:07 ET

so yeah, give me a sentence or two to translate

2002-11-16 05:08:13 ET

let me touch you
make you what i need
cut your entrails
out take all i need
let me rape you
satisfy my greed
get inside your head
take all i need

2002-11-16 05:12:59 ET

from english to german to english:

leave me you affect to form you, which I need, your entrails to cut out take everything, which I leave myself you rob fulfill to my Greed receive within your main taking of everything need, I need

2002-11-18 06:28:50 ET

See here...

2002-11-18 07:33:24 ET

that's bizarre how both posts were on the same day.

2002-11-18 07:36:04 ET

Word... ::sniffs air supply suspiciously::

2002-11-19 18:22:44 ET

i think the english to german to english sounds unique

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