2002-11-22 07:56:36 ET

from ebay (again):
"Chrome plated trepanning tool. A chrome plated trepanning tool stamped PILLING PHILA, 4 1/2" long, in excellent clean condition. You need this like you need a hole in the head!"

that made me laugh for a while.

my life seems to undulate in and out of focus. i think i'm coming back upon my "in focus" state. i'm still squinting, but it's getting better.

2002-11-22 08:42:32 ET

trepannation rocks the party (alllll niggght lonnnng)

2002-11-22 09:44:35 ET

i give free sessions

2002-11-22 09:46:34 ET

Hmmmmmm... ::admires gaping hole in upper forehead::
Everyone is doing it this season.

2002-11-22 09:57:44 ET

hey lets get that and bring it to a party at mr. siemasko's place and get people drunk and treppenate them after they pass out:

2002-11-22 12:12:44 ET

I want free sessions.

2002-11-22 16:21:50 ET


2002-11-22 18:02:02 ET

you have my number.

2002-11-24 11:12:15 ET

andy i call you and i call you and i call you and i call you and all you ever say is, "not tonight sir" =P

2002-11-24 11:48:17 ET

well you should have been around friday!

2002-11-24 15:29:32 ET

what happened on friday?

2002-11-24 17:32:07 ET

i posted about how it was the one night i wanted to go out

2002-11-25 07:04:37 ET

ah-so: i just read the tumor art post you sent as well:

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