2002-11-22 17:13:37 ET

i usually don't like to write about my day, but i'm home on the one night i would like to go out. so i'm going to type. expect this to be boring to the point of comedy.

i woke up sometime this morning. i don't remember when. i ate breakfast. special k. i've been eating special k every day for the past five years. it's good. i got dressed, i had my coffee at the computer, then got undressed to shower, then i got dressed. i went into the workroom to remember where i left off last night. i walked around the workroom pretending to work. i noted that i needed supplies at home depot. i got bored and went back on the computer. i got bored of the computer and remembered i was supposed to pick up my college transcripts two days ago. so i went to the school and got them. i went to home depot. i realized i only brought two dollars. so i bought two dollars worth of stuff (3 wingnuts and 4 washers) and went home. i went back into the workroom and pretended to work some more until i couldn't take the dust anymore. i went upstairs. i started watching seven years in tibet. i ate chinese food. i ordered the worst wonton soup i've ever had in my life. fortune cookie: "you will be approached by a friend in need." great. my mother's temporary front teeth fell out again. i let her vent about how she can't handle the trauma of her accident anymore. she was talking with a lisp and she had to strain to make "f" sounds. i tried not to giggle. she did tell me some amazing news: she's suing the town (whom have already admitted fault), and she expects to get TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. mind you, she really fucked her face and mouth up from the fall, but i didn't expect that much. she could also be exagerating, which she has been known to do. but if it's anywhere near that, it would be amazing.
the strange thing is that without her front teeth she reminded me of her mother, who passed away in 1993. my grandmother wasn't big on appearance; she was very humble in that respect. she was an immigrant from the ukraine, and like most women older women from the area, going out in public just meant putting on a shawl. she had dentures, and a wig, but she only wore them on very formal occassions. otherwise she had no front teeth and thin wild hair that went where ever it wanted. she didn't care. so my mom reminded me of her tonight.
back to the drawl- so after i ate i went downstairs yet again and still got nothing accomplished. i did listen to alot of aphex twin though. i got fed up at the fact that i couldn't breathe in the workroom anymore so i drove back to home depot to get what i couldn't afford the first time (and then some): sanding/drywall respirators, 2 12" rebar pieces, 4 hose clamps, ear plugs, and four bolts. i planned to go to the bookstore, which is open late, but i decided to come home to see if anyone called me. NO. and i don't want to go the bookstore anymore. i want to pout. but at least now i can go into the workroom without getting brown lung.
so i'm done. if you read this whole thing, you still don't get friend points. you didn't call me and i'm pissed dammit.
shag off.

2002-11-22 18:04:06 ET

i would call you if you didn't get mad at me for calling.

and i read the whole thing.

so there.


i got a jacket that is the reverse of yours, with a hood, and i will make izzy give you yours back. . .

you should come to the show tomorrow.

2002-11-22 18:06:09 ET

i read it all

home depot is the best, especially if you go 3 minutes before closing

and i dont have your numero de telephone, and make bad conversation anyways

*looks in empty friend points bag* :'[

2002-11-22 18:29:20 ET

yeah, i forget, i do get mad at people for calling me. i hate the phone. but you should have read my mind and called me. and where is that boy. i haven't heard from him in 24 hours. i'm starting to worry.
my cell is 203-414-9363. give it out to your friends and neighborhood vagrants. i never answer it so leave me fun voicemail. or fun pm's.
home depot is my art supply warehouse.

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