2002-11-23 15:26:09 ET

i'm starting an art terrorism group. who's in?
i'm plotting a scheme where i get a parade of kids to egg and paintball the windows during total request live. i'd like a marching band to lead. that kind of thing. i'd also like a few accomplices for some smaller, more person to person stuff, like street performance. i've brought this kind of stuff up before but i've never gotten much enthusiasm from anyone.

2002-11-23 15:29:06 ET

If you wanna fly me out there..... Sure!.... Id be all for that, its a good idea. You might get in a lot of trouble if you get caught though.

2002-11-23 15:32:13 ET

if you are down with some pranking along the way i'm game.

2002-11-23 15:45:05 ET

off topic- I liked the trading cards idea...

2002-11-23 16:30:01 ET

i wanna do a drive-by with a paintball gun

2002-11-23 17:51:31 ET

egging is passe. throw tripe. it doubles as a political statement.

2002-11-23 17:52:54 ET

well, there's safety in numbers. nobody can arrest 40 people at once. and i want heavy pranking.
the art terrorism thing: i want to subject the general public to actions or events that ultimately make them think. or become so confused they lose touch of reality for just a few wonderful moments. i want to move people's state of mind away from the stupid monotonous shit that people think about on a day to day basis... and put them in a place that they aren't familiar with or aren't comfortable going to, because they are then FORCED to learn something about themselves.

2002-11-23 17:59:16 ET

does tripe stick to glass? i'm all for throwing meat (though it's been done almost as much as eggs), but i want something that sticks and slides down glass.
and smoke bombs. i have recipes to make extremely large quantities.
should we go any further with these ideas in an open forum? if any local people are interested in discussing this you can email me - animaneglect@aol.com

2002-11-23 19:12:25 ET

we should have someone walk down that street with a gasmask on, and a big sign in front and back of them hanging off saying like TRL: the end is near

like do that 20 minutes before it starts, then bam hit their fucking ass with all listed above

2002-11-24 11:52:27 ET


2002-11-24 15:34:04 ET

damnit: you know i'm down for shit like that: =P

2002-11-24 17:35:01 ET


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