2002-11-29 18:57:42 ET

My admissions packet to MassArt has to get to FedEx by tomorrow afternoon. It's not done yet. Hooray for last minute panic. And stimulants. Long night ahead.

2002-11-29 22:09:28 ET

thanksgiving was yesterday pal.

2002-11-29 23:37:50 ET

it certainly was.

2002-11-30 04:48:33 ET

good luck

2002-11-30 07:27:44 ET

you better have made it to the post office by the time you read this girl pants.

2002-12-01 00:08:36 ET

yeah, i was working until 10 am, but it got out in time.

2002-12-01 00:51:08 ET

good to hear

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