2002-12-09 11:11:22 ET

is there a place where it is sunset all day? the days are too bright and the nights are too dark.
can i see you this weekend? i'd like that very much.

i wrote an email to my senator concerning logging in old growth forests in the northwest. he wrote back to me with his view: thinning out the forests makes wildfires easier to control.
why don't you just cover the forests in asphault, that will help control wildfires. dick.

i've made a 3 song playlist for deep introverted thought- perhaps inspired by insomnia's recent post. it's difficult to put into words its effects. i suppose it's largely up to the listener. i can tell you that these are the some of the most potent entrancers that i own. here it is, in this order:
1. time machines (of course)- 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Ethyl-Amphetamine: (DOET/Hecate)
2. current 93- sleep has his house
3. dead voices on air- on hare hill
approx. 63 min.
if you'd like a copy, and think that i'll see you when i'm in the city this weekend, let me know.

2002-12-09 14:01:10 ET

i want one.

2002-12-09 17:54:47 ET


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