2002-12-12 10:34:16 ET

my tarantula is dying

2002-12-12 10:39:46 ET

I would like to feel sorry for you, but I don't like bugs.

I know it means something to you though... *hugs*

2002-12-12 11:27:02 ET

ahhh my tarantula is doing fine
sorry to hear of your soon lose

2002-12-12 15:20:18 ET

I <3 Las Tarantulas!

2002-12-12 18:21:31 ET

i fed her penicillin but i don't think it helped. she'll most likely be dead my morning. if she's still suffering then i'm going to put her in the freezer.

2002-12-12 18:30:09 ET

sorry, it sucks losing a pet.

2002-12-13 03:07:20 ET

What's wrong with her?
...just be sure she's dead before you bury her... I accidentally
buried my Hermit Crab ALIVE once.

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