2002-12-13 06:34:49 ET

wonderful news!
though my tarantula was upside down and almost totally unresponsive to touch through most of yesterday, she was found late last night right side up, with a new bright pink thorax! she molted! and she even replaced the leg she lost a year ago!
i do the snoopy dance now.

2002-12-13 07:02:07 ET

i wanna see the snoopy dance

2002-12-13 08:42:10 ET

i know you probably don't, but does anyone else want the molt?
it passes for a tarantula before closer inspection reveals that it is hollow.

2002-12-13 10:56:57 ET

I do I do!!!!!

2002-12-13 11:23:39 ET

Wow.....thats really cool

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