2002-12-19 20:17:42 ET

who's going to q's tonight, friday the 20th?
i am feeling completely irresponsible, and i may go if my sk family comes with me! besides, i don't know how to get there alone.

2002-12-19 20:33:21 ET

I'm going.

2002-12-20 05:12:24 ET

::groans:: I got talked into going.

So come out.

2002-12-20 16:11:11 ET

oh you love it
i'm at your house now, actually.

2002-12-20 16:46:18 ET


AND in a sailor hat.

2002-12-21 05:22:49 ET

ooo baby.

2002-12-21 05:33:47 ET

Bio you missed it there were SAILORS in the PATH station where we got off!

2002-12-21 05:53:30 ET

I should of went with you guys then.

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