someone is waiting
2002-12-21 20:15:15 ET is the winter solstice. i should be doing something solsticey.
2. i found a ferocious looking wolf spider in my basement a few moments ago. i fried my brain trying to find an ethical solution to this. it would have been very easy to kill it, but i can't do that, so i found a big plastic cup and trapped it, and threw it out into the cold where god will kill it. everybody wins!
3. i left brooklyn at the exact point that it felt right to leave brooklyn.
4. i call a farce on myself. it's that kind of night; heavy brooding ahead.

2002-12-21 22:44:27 ET

all winter solstice means to me this year is that Sundance is playing 24 hours of fucking shorts

in some lifetime maybe i will care enough to throw some dumb elaborate party

ps, MERRY SOLSTICE. also today i had to kill my spider-friend in a routine dusting, as the web was just becoming Too Much.

2002-12-22 05:19:30 ET

i have felt it right to leave brooklyn many times, and found myself trapped.

2002-12-22 05:46:40 ET

Bad Andy - you left Brooklyn at the very moment I was about to return. . . I have a feeling this is going to be a pattern with us and I won't see you often at all. . .

2002-12-22 08:54:41 ET

number four is most important.

sounds like some sort of a nightmare creature.
sweet jesus.

2002-12-22 10:22:38 ET

rust- i don't get the sundance channel. way to tease.
dbd- something told me i had to go home then and there.
i'm sorry j- i wasn't thinking. i thought you went out for some reason, though now i remember you telling me you were getting home at 8ish. i'll make it up to you- mrow!
bio, you're a nightmare.

2002-12-22 10:23:33 ET


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