2002-12-22 22:35:29 ET

spiders as everything. hair accessories, genitalia, flowers.
i can't distinguish between last night's apocalyptic dreams and the two towers, which i saw today. plots intermingle and memories of either become increasingly muddier.
today was a subtle turning point, i think i flow up again from here. i'm pondering the role of adrenalin in visionary thinking.

2002-12-22 22:38:20 ET

did agent smith scold you for being a bad, bad girl?

2002-12-22 22:40:28 ET

im not sure i follow.

2002-12-22 22:44:01 ET

"Do you not also love your father... Mr. Anderson?!"

2002-12-23 04:11:42 ET

I'm his father.
And he loves me EVERY NIGHT.

2002-12-23 06:29:51 ET

PS- I used to have a huge spider.
Her name was SAMANTHA!
Everyday, coming home from class, I would greet
her with an effusive "SAMANTHA!!!"

She lived under my bed in a tank.
She was a secret.

2002-12-24 08:45:59 ET

secrets rule.

2002-12-24 09:07:35 ET

Tiny tiny "Muhahaha"

2002-12-24 09:14:14 ET

the kind you can keep in a tiny tiny box and not show to anyone.
and when no one is home, you go to your room, and lock the door, and you take out the tiny tiny box that you've so carefully hidden. and you raise it to your ear. and you lift its hinge. and you slowly open the top, and you hear:

and you giggle.
secrets rule.

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