2002-12-26 16:16:19 ET

i want to boil my shoes in a soup like in cartoons.
that's because i'm working with suede and i'm staining a 2'x4' piece in a bucket with scalding hot coffee.
thee process is thee product, or so it's been said.
the bucket smells awful. like... boiled cow skin... gee...
this is all part of my plan for world domination.
the largest goldfish in my aquarium is rallying up the others to get them to help him pick at a dead fish stuck in the filter. i've been too lazy to net it out.

as i was urinating the other day at izzy's house, the notion struck me: someone is waiting for me in boston. take that as you wish. but it's a comfort, considering i'm not entirely thrilled to be leaving *at this very moment*.

i don't feel like writing anymore.

2002-12-26 16:30:53 ET

Someone is waiting for you in Bklyn.

2002-12-26 16:43:12 ET

<3 you j

2002-12-26 19:03:59 ET

dude, i never know what the hell you are talking about...

2002-12-26 19:05:08 ET

Me neither I just say cute things.

2002-12-26 20:50:05 ET

now for phase 2

2002-12-27 04:23:25 ET

NYE. be there.

2002-12-27 05:08:32 ET

Process = product.
How Zen of you.
There IS someone in BK waiting for you.
His birthname is BioFarce.

2002-12-27 07:38:30 ET

LOL! dude, you can still save yourself! avoid bio-nog at all costs

2002-12-28 14:18:51 ET

i had to see it to believe it.

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