degaussian blur ( stupid entry #? )
2002-12-27 23:26:11 ET

i have a feature on my monitor that temporarily disables space-time. i can only use it every few minutes, i suppose that's due a built-in mana recharge safety. if i can defeat it, perhaps i can make sufficient rifts in the fabric of time to retrofit my present location with some much needed chocolate. i'll need a soldering iron, my echo-location helmet, an ordinary playing card, confield, jujubees and perhaps some mescaline. my lungs are lined with creosote and i can feel their walls chipping and flaking. what does a man say that makes him a man when seagulls scurge in lactamase ideologies fluent persephone.intercore nation tray hyperbole sable ray hidden beneath eaten stays. i am a fountain. drink from me. rancun priests feed eaten stay funda-men ta burbon tulipsen ch'nay radim ecor. i adenum flay rab hotun g'nips sorben reeda hyperben.

2002-12-28 01:32:38 ET

yeah i know:

2002-12-28 04:58:17 ET

Call the priest, he's talking in tongues again -

2002-12-28 08:04:24 ET

You might need this...

2002-12-28 08:06:28 ET

storm is just as addicted as i am!

2002-12-28 08:07:49 ET

to crack

2002-12-28 08:18:20 ET


The sign of the animus compels you.

2002-12-28 08:27:07 ET

i am everyones animus.

2002-12-29 08:57:54 ET

here's a little math for andrew:

i am everyones + (animus - im) = ?

2002-12-29 12:16:42 ET


2002-12-29 14:46:16 ET


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