2003-01-02 14:57:32 ET

i wrote a very long entry last night, only to have it erased. the heart wrenching, soul bareing kind where i tell you everything. but it's gone, and i'm not retyping it. it didn't want to be seen and i am respectful to its wishes.
i don't think i'll be on SK as much for a while, i don't think i'll be anywhere much for a while. you may certainly email me at animaneglect@aol.com , or leave silly voicemail on my cell phone @ 203-414-9363.
i'm just not well at the moment and being social is the last thing i want or need.

if you have any pics of the party, please send them this way- again, animaneglect@aol.com

Insomnia is a floozy.

2003-01-02 20:27:01 ET

i miss you andy i'll be home soon:

2003-01-02 20:46:05 ET

We'll miss you, bud.

2003-01-03 14:29:20 ET


2003-01-03 16:03:10 ET

i don't take this entry as seriously as i did when i wrote it. sure, i'm scared of the future, and i have a lot of baggage, but i'm ok. and all the moments of joy i experience in life do make up for the shitty ones; it all balances out perfectly in the end.
life is still OK! HA!

either that or i'm bipolar.
and everybody knows that SK is harder to kick than heroine. i love you guys.

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