plans for this year, pt 2
2003-01-06 13:30:14 ET

- continue development on a personal music studio. i just bought parts to build a supercomputer for music yesterday, which was the first major step ($500). as soon as i know what limits are placed on me in terms of space, privacy, noise, security, etc, i will add to it. i still need to get a sound card, midi interface, and monitors, not to mention a decent mixer and other external gear. but i'm taking action which is what is important, i'm well past due for a solo project (ask anyone!).
- get more shows (solo or collaborative projects)
- subjugate and replace "Farce" with "Fallacy", just to see if i can. start thinking of slogans.
- find something to do with the two gigantic tubs of vaseline my mom bought me the other day (i needed a little one to help with dry skin, she came home with 1 huge tub of baby scented, which i didn't dig very much, so she went out and bought another huge tub of unscented) they are just sitting in my room looking ominous.
- continue behavioral deconditioning, continue experimenting with everything
- do these lists more often, it's a great way to get focused!

2003-01-06 17:36:23 ET

I'll help with the vaseline.

::evil grins::

2003-01-06 19:14:40 ET

we'll discuss details elsewhere ;D

2003-01-06 19:15:23 ET

I think a public forum is the perfect place to discuss the uses of vaseline!


okay not.

2003-01-06 19:19:04 ET

well then, i hereby open a public forum to discuss the use of vaseline.

2003-01-07 09:14:46 ET

I think your mom was trying to tell you something.

Oh, and let me know when you're looking to setup the studio, I have some knowledge of such things.

2003-01-07 09:19:37 ET

i have a digit to assist me

2003-01-07 10:23:16 ET

heheh, I've heqard about his studio, he needs the help too. ;)

*grumble grumble*cakewalk*grumble*

2003-01-07 12:15:46 ET

i'm not sure i can trust an imac user for home recording advice!
but please, let's NOT start this war again.

2003-01-07 12:38:35 ET


But anyway, I do PC as well, you know.

Studio pics to come.

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