2003-01-07 08:05:50 ET

i want to get arrested.
i actually just want mugshots.
yellow is appealing to me today.
even orange. so long as they are clean. i wouldn't be able to stomach muddied warms.
oh yeah- hee hee

2003-01-07 08:37:27 ET

I hate muddled warms.
I <3 muddled colds sometimes...
but I prefer them all sharp like razor splinters.

2003-01-07 08:44:47 ET

i <3 muted earth tones.
i've been told you have a special something extra (synaesthesia).
colors just give me feelings :D

2003-01-07 08:55:35 ET

::arrests anima::

I like those colors too.

2003-01-07 08:59:05 ET

what seems to be the trouble occifer?
did i say earth tones? i mean colds.

2003-01-07 08:59:39 ET

Sharp Colds Smell like Paganini.


2003-01-07 09:11:52 ET

I'm arresting you for disorderly conduct, posing as a civilian, and disrupting the violence.

2003-01-07 10:59:51 ET

i am one for cold tones. my video work all seems to have severly cold tones in it lately. something about the warm tones is simply unappealing to me.

2003-01-07 11:27:48 ET



2003-01-07 12:18:32 ET

see biography section

2003-01-07 13:58:12 ET

Damn sadomasochistic vampires. . .

I've got another color for you. . .

2003-01-07 14:33:43 ET

i like pink!
it makes me all fluttery.

2003-01-07 15:25:14 ET

esp. on you... *purrrrrrr*
*feels woozy*

2003-01-10 02:59:57 ET

but what about the prison oranges....?

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