2003-01-08 08:25:07 ET

i am not a car person at all, but my god this bike screams, "I AM GOD!!"

i also have to start condensing these link posts to one every few days.

2003-01-08 08:49:43 ET

WHOA! That thing is AWESOME; it's all intense-Akira-badass-style. I'd ride that shit. How much does it cost?

2003-01-08 09:08:03 ET



2003-01-08 13:54:23 ET

it's one of a kind concept bike, they might do a small run-off, no less than $250G. which is kind of good, because it would be a nightmare if any asshole could buy a bike that has 4 wheels and goes 400 mph. another pic here: http://www.reuters.com/newsPhotoPresentation.jhtml?type=topNews&imageID=1000335889

2003-01-08 14:17:06 ET

$250g wtf, i could buy a hundred hondas with that! not that i'd want to

2003-01-08 14:18:07 ET

they should make a similar, lower-end model that has the general aesthetic but not the ungodly specs.

2003-01-08 14:22:14 ET

and six inches tall?

2003-01-08 14:24:32 ET


2003-01-08 14:48:58 ET

yes yes, a 6" bike that propels kittens at 400 mph! what a wonderful idea!

2003-01-09 04:10:58 ET

Ya, I just want the look. I wouldn't care is the fuck went 10 mph, it looks awesome. 250 grand...whatever....but if I become all famous, I WILL be ridin' that shit (not to mention all them gigalos that will want me, hahahaha).

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