meeting people is easy.
2003-01-15 12:38:07 ET

i'm here, now what?
what does one do for fun here?
where the hell is everybody?
does anyone say "Hi" here?
are there any like-minded individuals in this uptight cracker town?
all i have is my spanish roommate to keep me company, but he struggles with english, so it is difficult to have a good conversation with him.
</cry for help>

2003-01-15 12:43:28 ET

No one says hi or makes eye contact with strangers....hell, they don't even say hi to people they know.

People are cold in Boston.

Yea, I'd say for sure you have to go clubbing to find people. Usually people are only warm and friendly when they are fucked up.

2003-01-15 12:48:35 ET

grrrrr..... what nights are around here (do you live here?)?

2003-01-16 04:10:56 ET, I told youz already; I USED to live there; I went to hike skool there. As far as nights go, I usually just went to shows near Fenway park. I worked for my high school radio station and a professional station (WFNX) when I lived there so I got into the shows for free. I never found any nights or clubs that I liked; you may want to ask Sykospark or M0xie about that, since they both live in the North Shore Area.

2003-01-17 14:01:01 ET

i miss yuo come home andy:

p.s. i'm at lana's place right now: just saw sickrobot too:
so come home goddamnit:

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