2003-01-19 20:39:13 ET

i have so much that i have to do in the next 8 hours that i'm paralyzed with anxiety.
thought: has anyone noticed that our tight little SK family is crumbling? i mean this is in a very broad sense, not having to do with any one event. maybe it's just how i see things right now.
i have to go gather five thousand different things and put them in boxes now.

2003-01-19 21:26:02 ET

yeah its true; i can feel it

its alot of things

me and iz, you and boston, digitalmurder vs. the planet

was there a specific trigger incident that made you notice the trend?

2003-01-19 23:17:36 ET

things fall apart, the center cannot hold.

The relationships that are important will continue (Andy and Izzy, me and DbD, Lenny and [LC] Chris).... it's just that whatever strange harmonic convergence that pulled it all together so briefly has ended, and now we haave to bounce all around in weird sort of social Brownian Motion.

Let's all make an effor to keep it together a bit longer.

2003-01-20 02:48:39 ET

i agree:

2003-01-20 05:20:56 ET

I still talk with all you kids.
I think most of us are still friends.

Our li'l family is still there.

2003-01-20 06:11:24 ET

I think whenever a group hangs out every day for a whole season, they begin to tire of each other, maybe without even consciously noticing it. Raine and I have been through this before. 242 is right. The friendships that are meant to last will. The rest will be fond memories to recite when we happen to run into each other again. . .

We already kinda noticed that NYE was the last hurrah. . .

2003-01-20 09:09:21 ET

If you look for something, you will start to find it everywhere...
I think this is a good time to invest in the individual...
hold on to the good stuff.

2003-01-20 13:55:58 ET

i feel like this part of my life is the high school i never had...

every new year bringing changing alliances and the end of an era

justine, remember how hard we... um... didnt.. cry? to leave jersey? and we went and had adventures and did new stuff with new people anyway and everything even if it wasnt OK was certainly interesting.. and at least this is OUR group of OUR friends that wont turn on us if we piss of the wrong rivetboi...

i think the only thing i would have cut out of this past year was Rachel and getting fired...

i tried to explain the jersey crew falling apart and getting sick of each other thing to some of the sk.net kids.. and i dont think they believed me, because when youre in a moment it always feels like its gonna last forever... the relationships that were meant to last do... and its good to run into ppl that were there for that chapter in your life.. thats how i feel when i talk to gus, all fuzzy and nostalgic for something that wasnt even a year ago...

2003-01-20 14:00:01 ET

I cried. I still do.

2003-01-20 14:01:32 ET


i cried just as hard as when we left trinidad when i was a kid

2003-01-21 11:29:22 ET

well, i love you all.
and i'll keep you with me.
your roles/impact may change in my life, now that i'm not as close and doing other things, but you're not any less important.
anyway, i hope this thread is depressing to anyone. it shouldn't be.

2003-01-21 20:28:25 ET


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