2003-01-23 11:25:41 ET

andrew pasco
600 huntington ave box 359
boston, MA 02115

203-414-9363 , still.

shower me with love.
if you insist on sending dead things, please seal them in ziploc bags.

2003-01-23 11:35:06 ET

how does one ship their dead plastic bags out to you then?
in a live plastic bag?
isnt that perverse.

2003-01-23 12:11:38 ET

ooh... time to ponder

2003-01-24 04:50:56 ET

Andrew, i think you gave me an idea. :)

2003-01-25 10:37:13 ET

if sending anything bigger than a letter, and/or using a service other than usps, you must let me know ahead of time, and i need to know what day i should expect it. i have to sign for it personally, otherwise the security desk will refuse it. lame.

2003-02-04 15:45:28 ET

do you meet with the other boston area sk's?

2003-02-05 13:10:25 ET

i haven't really been here for one, i'll probably go to the next one (if and when that happens).

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