2003-01-26 10:55:05 ET

i like the new SK front page. the snowy blue was beginning to make me ill.

- my spanish room mate. the coolest guy ever. what more proof do you need?
i've been holed up in my room since i've came here. i'm begining to love it. i walk from my room to the library across the street.
joseph conrad: heart of darkness (a read that should have taken me an hour is taking days to finish, but i love it)
whatever i can find by c.g. jung
books about the life and work of joseph cornell (slurp)
ports of entry: the art of william s. burroughs
various kafka
painful but fabulous: the lives and art of genesis p-orridge
which reminds me, anyone have an update on the release date of "england's hidden reverse"? when i ordered it, amazon told me it would be at my door on november 23rd. hah.
i've begun experimenting with my environment again, the reading has definitely been inspiring.
everything is a toy.
there's a mangled pair of pants with a leather belt lying on the subway tracks outside. it must have been run over at least a few hundred times. i'm going to go collect it now, along with soiled leather glove across the street, resting palm up, begging. don't worry, i'm coming darlings.
fifty friend points for you, one hundred for me.

p.s. does anyone want to purchase a new 1.8ghz p4 processor from me? it's a 478, i need a 423, and the bastard company i bought it from is dicking me. if i can get $100 for it i'd be satisfied.

2003-01-26 11:00:17 ET

Which Kafka? I forgot what the one short story I liked was called, one of the "conversations with. . " ones. . .

I wish we could all come visit you.

2003-01-26 11:03:14 ET

that would be wondrous, i could show you all the nothing that's here!
maybe museum runs.

2003-01-26 11:28:21 ET

too bad it was taken from my page without even giving me one second of credit.

2003-01-26 13:38:34 ET

My favorite Kafka short story is IN THE PENAL COLONY...
Step into my machine. :)

2003-01-26 13:55:07 ET

Awwww snap, I was wrong! Never mind; I'm really out of it and being retarded. SORRY!

2003-01-26 15:05:17 ET


i luvded him..

i luvded him good...

"everything is a toy"
reminds me of the genesis show, eh?

2003-01-26 18:05:15 ET

I saw the world-premire of the Opera version of "in the penal colony", by phillip glass, at the University of Chicago. It wasn't very good (i.e. the liberetto sucked.) But the story was very good! My favorite Kafka is The Knock on the Yard Gate.

2003-01-26 19:11:58 ET

Yeah, Glass got in a bit over his head with that one - doing a bit too much blow me thinks.

2003-01-27 09:49:37 ET

anyone catch the south park with phillip glass? it's one of those things that's better not to explain.

2003-01-27 10:18:51 ET

Of course! The first Christmas episode. "As I look into the sun, the rays burn my eyes." Hahahaha. "Happy-happy-happy/ ev-ry-bo-dy's happy."

2003-01-27 10:59:28 ET


Hahaha... I'm sorry... I know it's lame, but I <3 good old Phillip.

2003-01-28 15:20:54 ET

i like steve reich more

2003-01-29 14:03:14 ET

you are something

..i still havent determined what yet though...

2003-01-29 18:36:42 ET

i miss you andy.

2003-01-30 14:20:23 ET

DR: when you know, share.
TL: fag.

2003-01-31 03:58:24 ET

what can i say? you bring out the fag in me.

2003-01-31 12:30:50 ET

Me 2


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