2003-02-21 07:04:01 ET

i stayed up all night tuesday to finish an artist's book due wednesday.
wednesday i had to spend three hours waiting for my name to be called at the housing department. then i went to see Rasputina. they made everything better. i like watching melora play. she blocks out everything and everyone and it's just her and the cello.
i used to say she was going to be my wife. my ex used to get horribly upset when i would say it. ha. maybe one day i can find someone on par with melora.
in between songs she would talk a bit, not to the audience, not to anything. at one ppoint she said something like:
"one of the difficulties of this kind of situation, where i am up here performing and many people are watching me, is that all of you know who i am, or at least think you do, but i don't know who you are. but you don't know me, as a person, you don't know the first think about me. you think you do but you don't. you don't know the first thing about me, which is I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE..." and yes,the band then proceeded to cover the first few bars of that song, distorted cello rock-style. ahh melora.

on a similar note i have been on a cocteau twins crusade for about 3 weeks and i will never stop.

and a new angels of light album is out! WEEEEE! i must get it today.

2003-02-21 07:10:58 ET

That sounds like fun! My boyfriends old roomate used to talk about how he would never ever get married unless it was to Bjork. He would say this right in front of is girlfriend all the time. She acted like it didn't bother her, but I really don't know....now they are broken up and he is like shattered without her. The senslessness of it all!

2003-02-21 09:09:31 ET

The favor of Juliet's
She turned thirteen oh
Tragedy end
Am I pretty enough

2003-02-21 10:24:28 ET

damn shoegazers.

good to hear happiness in Boston. . .

2003-02-21 11:55:10 ET

rasputina is so not shoegaze
you are though

2003-02-21 14:11:29 ET

i need to say that is the fourth time this week someone whether it be in my life or on tv has made a reference to Sir Mix A Lot. It's starting to freak me out.

(sorry senseless babble)

2003-02-22 10:31:53 ET

what can i say, he's left a lasting impression

2003-02-22 11:11:43 ET

sir mix a lot is a cultural pathfinder.

best cocteau twins album= heaven or las vegas
best cocteau twins song= from the flagstones

2003-02-23 10:36:19 ET

best cocteau twins album: treasure

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