2003-03-10 10:02:21 ET

i'm at home in stratford, connecticut. i was very anxious to get here when i was at school, but i've forgotten why. i am content with building birdhouses and perusing garden centers for now.
want to know a secret?
i was in manhattan last night for about 6 hours. i decided it wasn't where i wanted to be, so i caught the last train home and walked the 5 miles back to my house at four in the morning. i was hallucinating from cold/ silence/ lackoflight/ sleepdep. mailboxes with malicious intentions, you know how it is.
sooooo.... back to the corybantic ennui, drop me a note.

2003-03-10 10:03:26 ET

Damnit brat call us next time you're in Manhattan!!!

2003-03-10 10:05:07 ET


2003-03-10 13:36:08 ET

mary mary quite contrary

2003-03-10 19:33:23 ET

with leather flails and girl's entrails

2003-03-11 03:49:01 ET

...and quartered bunnies all in a row....

awwww. *hugs*

2003-03-11 05:09:49 ET


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